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How does the Tesla 'Supercharger' work in China?

by YuLily on Mar 01, 2023

According to the official data released by Tesla, as of June 30, 2021, Tesla has built more than 6,700 supercharging piles in mainland China, covering more than 320 cities. It can also see Tesla's determination to lay out the Chinese market. The increasing number of Superchargers will undoubtedly increase the convenience of charging for Tesla owners.

Currently, Tesla has installed V3 Superchargers, which can support up to 250kW of peak charging power. Some Tesla Model 3 models can replenish up to about 250 kilometers of range in 15 minutes of charging. It is the highest charging power benchmark in the industry.
Tesla Supercharger (Supercharger) charging steps.

Tesla Supercharger (Supercharger) charging steps.
1. Find the Supercharger station through the Tesla app.

2. Arrive at the charging station and find a free parking space. Scan the QR code on the wall or column to scan the code to lower the lock.

3. Then use the car system to find the corresponding Supercharger, the password will be displayed, enter the four-digit password into the page popped up by scanning the code just now, and the ground lock will automatically fall down.

4. Press and hold the small round button on the charging gun head (on the handle) to pull out the charging gun, and at the same time the charging cover on the Tesla car will automatically open.

5. Plug in the charging port, and wait for the blue to turn green, then start charging.
Tesla Supercharger (Supercharger) charging steps.

6. The battery charging amount percentage on the car screen, full or reach the charging expectation, pull out the charging gun head, you can finish charging.

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