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How to charge the Tesla Model S? Tesla Model S charging steps

by YuLily on Mar 06, 2023

The steps for charging the Tesla Model S are shown below.

1, first park the Model S near the charging post, pay attention to the charging port side near the charging post location, the Tesla Model S charging port is located behind a cover on the driver's side of the rear taillight assembly.

2. While the vehicle is unlocked, press the button on the charging cable or click the battery icon on the center console, and then click the "Open Charging Port" option on the charging screen.

3、Plug the charging gun into the charging port to start charging. (If you set an appointment for charging, it will also start charging automatically when the time comes)

Generally speaking, there are several charging methods for Tesla Model S, such as home charging post, super charging post, emergency charging line and third party charging post.

1、Home charging pile

Home charging pile is very practical, if the conditions allow, it is recommended that owners can choose to install one, so that charging is also very convenient. And most of the voltage of the home charging post is the use of household 220V voltage, charging speed up to 40km / h, if the voltage is 380V, the charging speed can reach 70km / h.

And the installation of home charging piles will generally be completed by the official Tesla service provider, the owner as long as there is a fixed parking space, and apply for a good meter, you can install. After the installation of the home charging pile, then as long as you come home from work at night, you can charge the car, and the next day you can go out with a full charge, which is very convenient.

2、Super charging pile

Super charging is a charging method that many car owners like, its charging speed can reach 10 minutes to fill 100km at the fastest, generally as long as 40 minutes to fully charged, and in the super charging station, there is a wireless network, car owners can also enjoy the car's entertainment services during the charging process. For many car owners, it is a very good charging method.

3、Emergency charging cable

This is similar to a cell phone charger, as long as there is an outlet to charge the vehicle. However, the use of portable chargers require a grounding cable must be used, only then can be charged. The general charging speed of the portable charger is 10km/h, the charging speed will be relatively slow. So this way commonly used in emergency situations, usually rarely use the way to charge.

4、Third party charging pile

Now all the charging ports of Tesla are national standard, so not only the Tesla charging pile, but also other charging piles can charge Tesla cars. This method is very good for vehicles that are particularly far from the super charging pile, and can greatly solve the problem of insufficient power.

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