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How to turn on the Tesla wipers? How to use Tesla wipers

by YuLily on Mar 02, 2023

Tesla wipers can be turned on either through the center display or through the paddle on the left side of the steering wheel. The following describes how to open and use the Tesla wipers.

1. Central control display to open.

Directly click on the front wiper icon in the vehicle status area of the center control screen, when the color shows blue, it proves that the wiper is on, gray is the state of the wiper off.

In the center control display, able to adjust the different working frequency of the wiper, click on the wiper button on the center control screen, then you can see the frequency of different gears, and then adjust the wiper frequency according to your needs.

General Tesla wiper frequency has four different gears, respectively, intermittent slow gear, intermittent fast gear, continuity slow gear and continuity fast gear.

2、Doggle lever open.

In the steering wheel on the left side of the lever, its top will have a shortcut switch button, you can directly through this shortcut button to open the wiper.

1, just lightly press this button once, the wiper will start once.

2、Long press this switch, the wiper will spray water and clean the front windshield.

3, up to push the lever, the wiper will only work around once, down to push the lever, is to adjust the wiper work speed, generally slow / medium speed / fast the three gears;.

4, push the lever net driver direction, the front windshield wiper will spray water, and left and right scraping once; to the driver's side to push, the rear windshield wiper spray water and scraping once.

What is the reason for the Tesla wiper to keep on wiping even if it is not raining?

This condition is usually caused by turning on the manual wiper. Once the manual wiper starts, the wipers are in working condition, regardless of whether it is raining or not and whether there is water on the front windshield at that time.

To solve this problem, the driver simply needs to click on the wiper icon on the center console screen, enter the control panel, and then choose to turn off the manual wiper.

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