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Tesla software update to 60% does not move, Tesla software update is stuck how to do?

by YuLily on Mar 03, 2023

Tesla software update to 60% does not move, it may be caused by the following reasons.

1、Network connection interruption

If the network disconnection caused by the update stuck, update failure, etc., you can wait a while to see if it will continue to update, can continue to update then most of the network instability caused by, choose to replace a network signal handing strong place to update.

2, the car is stuck

If you confirm that it is not a network problem, then it may be because the car system is stuck to cause the update to pause, at this time only need to restart the car system can generally solve the problem (Tesla car restart method is attached below).

Tesla car restart method

1, touch screen reboot: foot on the brake pedal, while long press the double scroll wheel on both sides of the steering wheel, and continue until the center screen rest screen and re-lit, when the touch screen shows the Tesla LOGO, that is, on behalf of the machine to complete the reboot.

2, restart after turning off the power: Model S, for example, the way to turn off the power is to click the touch screen "control" button → select "electric brake and turn off the power" → click "turn off the power and confirm "After the power is turned off, press the brake pedal to restart the vehicle.

Tesla software update process stuck, you can operate through the above way to see if it can solve the problem, or can not be solved can contact the official Tesla customer service, inform the customer service of their vehicle identification code after six or complete registration of cell phone number, customer service will help you to check the situation, and inform you of the reasons and solutions.

Tesla software update process (take Model 3 as an example)

1、Click the "car" icon at the bottom left corner of the touch screen to enter the control page.

2, click into the "Software" option, slide down and select "Advanced".

3, network connection, click on the upper right corner of the WIFI small icon can be.

4, the network connection is successful, click on the download to start updating the software, the page will also show the download progress bar, to be completed 100% of the progress bar, also means that the update is complete.

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