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What does Tesla Camping Mode do? Where is Tesla Camping Mode?

by YuLily on Mar 11, 2023

Tesla Camping Mode is turned on to keep the air flowing and the temperature inside the car appropriate, but also to enable functions such as surfing the Internet, playing games and charging in the car to ensure the comfort of the car. This feature is, frankly speaking, a mode created for camping, suitable for drivers and passengers to stay in the car for a long time.

Camping mode is generally more applicable to large Tesla models, such as Tesla Model X, Model Y, etc. When the vehicle is turned on this mode, it is basically possible to meet the personnel to sleep in the car, which can not only replace the cost of booking hotel and guesthouse accommodation, but also get closer to the nature.

Where is Tesla Camping Mode?

Tesla camping mode is located on the center display, just make sure the vehicle is in park, then open the air conditioning option on the center screen, you can see the camping mode on the right side of the air conditioning, and then click open to open the mode.

When using the camping mode, pay attention to the following points.

1, before opening the function to ensure that the vehicle has at least 20% of the power, to avoid a long time to open the camping mode and cause the vehicle power failure can not start.

2, after opening the camping mode, the vehicle's alarm system and sentry mode will be disabled.

3, although camping mode is suitable for long time stay in the car, but avoid putting children alone in the car directly.

What is the power consumption of camping mode?

Take Tesla as an example, it consumes about 10-15 kilometers of range per hour when the camping mode is turned on, and about 80-100 kilometers of range will be consumed in one night. The reason why it consumes so much power is that the vehicle's air conditioning system is constantly on in the camping mode.

If the user also uses other electrical equipment, then the vehicle's power consumption will further increase, so we must ensure that the vehicle has enough power before using the camping mode, to avoid the end of the camping car without electricity to drive home.

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