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Where is the Tesla handbrake located? How to use the Tesla handbrake

by YuLily on Mar 07, 2023

Tesla does not have a mechanical handbrake, its handbrake function is assembled to the button at the top of the gearshift lever, we just need to long press the button, then the Tesla will automatically enter the P-gear state and activate the electronic handbrake, so that the vehicle will automatically pull up the handbrake after hanging the P-gear, hang the P-gear by pressing the button at the top of the steering wheel right paddle (as shown in the picture below):.
How to use the Tesla handbrake

In addition, Tesla also has an automatic parking function, when the vehicle needs to stop briefly, as long as the brake pedal is depressed after a second or two, the parking indicator on the screen will light up and the automatic parking mode will be turned on.

Tesla automatic parking is also very simple to open the way, just click on the "small car" icon in the lower left corner of the center screen, select the "vehicle control" option, and then jump to the page to select "automatic assisted driving Then select "Auto Park" on the page that pops up, and finally find "Auto Park" and click on it to turn it on. If you want to disable the auto park function, just press the gas pedal, start the vehicle and the system will be disengaged.

How does Tesla brake?

Currently, Tesla has two main braking modes, one is to press the brake pedal to achieve braking, and the other is to turn on the energy recovery (single pedal) mode, in which the driver can simply lift the gas pedal, and the vehicle will slow down and stop.

However, we should remind you that although energy recovery can play a braking function, but the single pedal mode is not the same as braking, in case of emergency or should be achieved by pressing the brake pedal to stop, this is the most correct and safest method.

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