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A must learn operator's manual for new Tesla owners!

by YuLily on Feb 27, 2023

If you are a new Tesla owner, or a prospective owner! These main function settings must be learned!

1、Set the newbie driving mode
Acceleration mode: Comfortable

Steering mode: Comfortable

Stop mode: slow down

(especially the drivers of oil cars to trams, first adapt, and then the whole single pedal)

2、Setting car keys:.
Card key: first add the card key

Cell phone key: then add commonly used cell phone as cell phone key (in the state of Bluetooth on, with the phone near the vehicle, the door will automatically unlock)

Cell phone key adding method.

First download Tesla APP - sit in the car, open Tesla mobile app, select the appropriate vehicle (if there are multiple vehicles associated to the account), - click "Mobile Key --Start" - Scan the authenticated card key or remote key on the key reader behind the cup holder on top of the center console - When the phone When the app reminds you that the pairing is successful, click "Finish".

3、Setting child lock: must be set if you have children at home
Open way: Touch screen - click control - car lock - child lock

Ps. P gear parking, the door will be automatically unlocked.

4、Learn to wash the car correctly
Car wash mode: change the mode to open, can prevent the charging port because of the water column pressure and automatically open. Effectively prevent the charging port into the water Oh!

Open the way: control - service - car wash mode

5、Open biochemical mode
New cars inevitably have a smell, biochemical mode can evolve the space Oh!

Open the way: open the air conditioning page - click the biochemical mode button

Disadvantages: will also be more power consumption

6、Open sentry mode
New car to the hand, more love and care.

The disadvantage is: sentry mode is more power hungry

7、Adjust the headlights
Tesla's headlights are generally brighter in response, so in order to avoid shaking other people's eyes, you can adjust to the right position on your own.

Adjustment position: in the center control screen click maintenance - choose to adjust the headlights - choose left and right - manipulate the steering wheel wheel

8、Emergency treatment
[Display] If the large screen goes out, the operation is stuck, dead, etc., do not panic, the vehicle control and driving will not be affected by this.

Solution: Under the premise of ensuring driving safety, slowly park the vehicle in a safe position, while pressing the wheel buttons on the left and right side of the steering wheel to restart the operation, until the screen appears Tesla "T" logo.

Emergency Braking】No matter what driving mode you turn on on the road, you can brake in time by pressing the brake pedal vigorously.

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