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How do I pair my Tesla phone key? How to add a second phone key to Tesla

by YuLily on Mar 05, 2023

In addition to card keys, Tesla can also bind cell phone keys, not only that, Tesla can also bind multiple cell phone keys synchronously, the following is a brief description of how to pair Tesla cell phone keys?

1、Download and install "Tesla" APP on the mobile app store.

2、Login to "Tesla" APP with your Tesla account username and password.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and make sure your phone has enough power.

4, turn on the "cell phone allows access" function, and turn on the Tesla APP cell phone key mode, in order to be able to search for Tesla vehicles, after the search detected Tesla vehicles, Tesla APP will pop up a reminder to press the key card.

5, directly to the door pillar or center console card reader, press the key card can be.

6, the vehicle can detect the key then, Tesla mobile APP will confirm that the phone has been successfully certified, click Finish that is complete binding;.

7、If the key is detected and the key card is not swept within 30 seconds, the cell phone APP will show the error message, then just re-click the cell phone key in the APP and verify again.

Using cell phone key to enter the Tesla car is the most convenient and quickest way. As long as the cell phone has turned on the Bluetooth, the vehicle will detect the cell phone Bluetooth signal when it is close to the vehicle, then as long as the driver presses the door handle, the door will be unlocked since then. When you want to get out of the car, take the phone and leave, the door will automatically lock.

A machine in hand, automatic unlocking and locking, very convenient, and Tesla also supports multiple binding cell phone, its binding method is also simple, just like binding the first cell phone account is the same operation process (that is, the method described above.)

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