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How to charge the Tesla Model X? The correct way to charge the Tesla Model X

by liyouwei on Mar 08, 2023

There are four charging methods for Tesla Model X. They are home charging pile, third-party charging pile, super charging pile and portable charger (detailed charging steps are attached at the end of the article).

1、Home-type charging pile

If the conditions allow and you have a fixed parking space, you can choose to buy a Tesla home charging post and install it at your parking space, which can be very convenient. Most of the voltage of home charging post is 220V, the charging speed can reach 40km/h; if the voltage is 380V, the charging speed can reach 70km/h. Equivalent to as long as the charging gun is plugged in at home at night after work, then the next day can be fully charged to go out.

2、Third party charging pile

Now all the charging ports of Tesla are national standard, so not only Tesla charging pile, but also other charging piles can charge Tesla cars. This method is very good for vehicles that are particularly far from the super charging pile, and can greatly solve the problem of insufficient power.

3、Tesla Supercharger

This is one of the most time-saving charging methods for Tesla, and the charging speed is also very fast. 1 hour can increase the range of 300km to 500km, and sometimes even reach the range of 700km, which is a very good charging method for many car owners.

4、Convenient charger

This is similar to the phone charger, as long as there is an outlet to charge the vehicle. However, the use of a portable charger requires that it must be grounded, and only then can it be charged. The general charging speed of the portable charger is 10km/h, and the charging speed will be slow. So this way is often used in emergency situations, and it is rarely used to charge in this way normally.

The correct charging method for Tesla Model X

1、Park the vehicle near the charging post, pay attention to the charging port side near the charging post position.

2、When the vehicle is unlocked, press the button on the charging cable (or click the battery icon on the center console, then click "Open Charging Port" on the charging screen).

3、Remove the charging gun from the charging post and plug it into the charging port, the vehicle will start charging.

4, if you want to stop charging, then just disconnect the charging cable or click on the center console screen to stop charging.

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