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How to drive a Tesla Model Y for the first time?

by YuLily on Mar 12, 2023

The process of driving a Tesla Y for the first time for a novice is as follows.


There are three ways to unlock the Tesla Model Y. One is to press the key unlock button directly, one is to use the NFC key to inductively unlock the B-pillar induction area, and one is to bind the cell phone APP to unlock. After the door lock is unlocked, use your thumb to push the wider part of the door handle to cock the door handle to open the door.


Tesla Model Y will be automatically powered on after unlocking, so get into the car and directly press the brake pedal, and put the gears on the electric door to get the car moving.

3、Single pedal mode

Tesla Model Y's single-pedal mode is set in [Pedal and Steering] → [Stop Mode] in the center console, where "Jog", "Turn" and "Hold" are the three modes. The kinetic energy recovery of these three modes is gradually increasing, select "Hold" for single-pedal mode, and select "Jog" for single-pedal mode.

4. Assisted Driving

Tesla Model Y has many assisted driving functions, such as automatic assisted steering, automatic assisted navigation driving, automatic parking, summoning function, cruise control, etc. Owners can choose to turn on the assisted driving function according to their driving conditions, and generally the Model Y assisted driving is controlled by the paddle on the right side of the steering wheel, which can be turned on by toggling down 2 times.


Model Y charging port is at the left rear wing of the vehicle, click on the battery icon on the touch screen, then click on the charging screen to open the charging port, insert the charging gun into the charging port and it will start charging, and finally disconnect the charging cable directly or click on the touch screen to stop charging when charging is finished.

The above is the process of using Tesla Model Y. Of course, driving a Tesla Model Y is not only the above operation, there are many other things that need to be clear how to use, such as gear shifting, lighting off and on control, the use of the touch screen, maintenance and so on, the specific can refer to the relevant knowledge of the user manual, generally when buying a car will be presented with a user manual as a reference.

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