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Why is Tesla called Plaid?What does Tesla Model X Plaid mean?

by YuLily on Mar 09, 2023

As we all know, the high-performance versions of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are called Performance, but why are the high-performance versions of Tesla Model S and Model X called Plaid? The official reason given is to commemorate the movie "Space Cannonball".

Space Cannonball" is an American science fiction film released in 1987, in which the space car has two acceleration modes, one is the normal acceleration Ludicrous mode, and the other is the powerful acceleration Plaid mode.

The Tesla Model S and Model X have the suffix Plaid, which means that the vehicles also have strong acceleration performance like the space cars in the movie. The Tesla Model S Plaid currently on sale accelerates in just 2.1 seconds and the Model X Plaid in 2.6 seconds for 100 kilometers with the support of three motors.

What does the Model X Plaid mean?

The current Plaid version of the Tesla Model X is equipped with three independent drive motors, each with a carbon fiber motor rotor with a protective sleeve, which allows torque vectoring and a continuous output of up to 1020 horsepower, in addition to accelerating to 2.6 seconds per 100 kilometers. The vehicle's top speed is also as high as 262km/h.

Looking at all the pure electric models on the market today, the only one that can outperform the Model X Plaid in terms of acceleration and top speed is the Model S Plaid. In addition to acceleration and top speed, Tesla's Plaid models are able to maintain high efficiency in terms of sustained power output under different conditions over time.

This is mainly due to the all-electric platform of the Model X Plaid and Model S Plaid, which integrates powertrain and battery technology, plus Tesla's industry-leading battery management system, enabling the vehicles to achieve high efficiency, high performance and long range under different road conditions and weather conditions.

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