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Tesla use tips, many people drive a long time Tesla do not know

par YuLily sur Feb 28, 2023

No sound comes out when the phone is connected to Bluetooth? Just click the phone icon next to the radio.

Play music with Bluetooth, you can display lyrics on the big screen (there are options inside the mainstream music software can be turned on)
usb port is not enough, you can buy a usb3.0 hub (splitter), USB one point four can be. There is no need to buy a type-c port splitter, expensive not to mention also occupies a valuable type-c port.

Wireless charging board charging is very slow, but the Tesla usb port is to support pd fast charging, it is recommended to buy a typc-c to lighting line (Apple) or type-c to type-c fast charging line (Android).

The navigation that comes with it is very bad, you can use the Tesla Casting Magic video to cast the phone to the big screen, and then you can use the phone's navigation.

Play video while driving, you can also use the cast screen to solve.

The car recorder U disk at least mlc chip, slc is too expensive and unnecessary. After you buy it, you can format it into exFAT on your computer. Now there is no need for any third party formatting tools or manual folder building


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