Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y / 3 - acetesla
Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y / 3 - acetesla
Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y / 3 - acetesla
Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y / 3 - acetesla
Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y / 3 - acetesla

Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y / 3

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Product description

Mud Flaps for Tesla Model Y / 3

Add a mud flaps to your 2023-2020 Tesla Model Y Model 3 and protect it from road sludge, rock chips, dirt, snow, and the dreaded sling from tire dressing - all while looking sporty!Unlike other Tesla mud flaps on the market that may require screws, ours are designed to be mounted into factory mounting points and installs with ease!

Best accessory for Tesla model 3 Model Y Mud Flaps are made of sturdy ABS material, which can effectively block the rocks flying out of the tire tread and hitting the car. Protects the body paint from snow, mud, stones and other damages, perfectly keeps the body clean and reduces the number of car washes and painting. Also, it keeps the exterior of your car looking good.

Whether you have a truck, van or SUV, adding Mud Flaps can help save you from irritating dings and dents to your vehicle.

The open road can take its toll on your vehicle’s exterior. Debris and mud from the road can coat the exterior of your Tesla Model 3 and can encourage corrosion. Small and large stones can be hurled from the tread of the tires against the paintwork and cause small chips. In no time, these will develop into larger areas of corrosion. This both reduces the value of your vehicle and detracts from its appearance.

With no mudguard, your Model 3 paintwork is very vulnerable.Mud Flaps protect your vehicle by safely deflecting road debris away from the fender wells.


【Generation 2 Custom Design】Mud flaps are custom cut for Telsa Model Y Model 3. No drilling required. 
【Upgrade Installation】With high quality screws, more stable and easy to install.
【Quality protection】The fender protects the lower part of the Tesla Model Y Model 3 from snow, salt, sand, rocks and other debris.
【Sturdy material】Made of strong ABS thermoplastic material. Works safely in a variety of harsh environments. Rugged and durable.
【Basic Accessories】Great accessories for Tesla Model Y Model 3. Perfect for keeping your Tesla free from clutter and dirt.
【No Drilling and Tape Required】Custom-made mudguards for model Y. Install in the original hole position. No Need to Drill Holes and double tape. Safe and Easy to install.


To install the mud flaps, you simply remove the stock plastic grommets that hold the fender wheel liner in place, position the mud flap and press-in our longer plastic grommets into the existing holes. On the rear there is one bolt to remove the mud flaps from under the car on newer Model Y's, but you place the same OEM bolt back in to secure the mud flaps. Super easy!


Q1 - Can you tell me where to use the two metal clips that were included?
A1 - The clips are used on the rear flaps to fasten the mud flap to the car. They are inserted about a 1/3 down from the top.

Q2 - Do they fit a model y?
A2 - Yes they do it's the same fittings.

Q3 - Doenst the design block the drain area just above the rocker panel and below the front fender?
A3 - No, there is a place to drain any water.

Q4 - Have you noticed any drop in range after installing these?
A4 - None.

Q5 - How do i unscrew hex head screw? i am using 10mm wrench. it seems like both left and right side hex screw will never come out.
A5 - It been a while but I do remember 2 screws were more work to remove. But they did come off.

Q6 - I am looking for various accessories for my 2022 model y, can I buy it for my 2022 model y?
A6 - The mud flaps and the installation was easy and perfect.look sporty and they definitely protect the rocker panel and rear panel paint. 

Q7 - Would it be dangerous if I don't drill holes for the top and just use the two bottom screws?
A7 - I used the 2 bottom screws and it is still holding up. It has been over 1000 miles since installation. Don’t drill any holes.

Q8 - Why is it so difficult for the screw to enter the hole when I install it?
A8 - This is because the screw installation steps are wrong. First align the fenders in the correct position, then put the screws into the nuts, put the screws and nuts into the holes together, and press the screws firmly.

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