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What do you think is Tesla's pain point?

by liyouwei on Feb 11, 2023

First the advantages.
Automatic Assisted Driving (FSD, EAP, AP), really easy to drive on the highway. FSD has ACC (Active Cruise Control), LKAS (Lane Keeping), ALC (Automatic Lane Change), FCW (Collision Avoidance Warning) and automatic highway dismounting.

With occasional upgrades (OTA), the appetite is whetted and the anticipation is always high. Smart Call, very cool. The girl next to me has her eyes and mouth wide open.

The narrow parking space is also very convenient. The cost of using the car is so low that the whole thing is out of style. Charging a few bucks and having to set it to charge in the middle of the night when the electricity is low. My car is free supercharging for life, and with free highway holidays, there is absolutely zero cost to travel.

The sentry function, the APP view location function, is really convenient. The owner knows the location and movement of the vehicle at all times.

Anti-collision warning and automatic braking, it's really not a blow, I'm a hairy person, rely on this function, more than three years without a collision. Anyone who is an owner understands that TSL brake failure is non-existent. The power is strong and moves like a rabbit. There is no slightest delay in power, i.e. point and click, and a strong sense of human-vehicle unity. Zero hundred kilometres over 99.99999% of the car on the road.

Automatic door opening and automatic locking, so convenient that people become lazy. From approaching to driving away, hands do not have to touch the car door anywhere. After parking and leaving the car, even if the doors and trunk are wide open, you don't have to worry about it, just go, it will close the doors and windows and lock the car itself.

The luggage compartment is really large and can be loaded. The vehicle data is synchronised and uploaded to the back office and the time is accurate to 0.01 seconds, which is really impressive. This even the aircraft can not do, otherwise, not to find the Malaysia Airlines MH370, not to have to dig and recover the black box of the East China Airlines MU5735. (Global TSL at least a few million, can do, global aircraft only more than 60,000, can not do. Aircraft learn well from others old horse)

And then the pain points (shortcomings).
The car navigation is so bad. It is standard for TSL to have a mobile phone navigation next to a large screen, and car owners bow their heads in shame. The car navigation, yes, works, but it takes you on more detours and the arrival times are completely inaccurate. Previously the TSL used Tencent Maps, which was spat on to the point of explosion, and in January 2020 it was changed to Baidu Maps, which still doesn't work. We can only understand that TSL insists on its own innovation and its own algorithm, and its algorithm is not matched enough with Chinese map providers, which is why the navigation is so chicken, its algorithm should be perfect with Google Maps, and the navigation should be great. However, according to Hong Kong motorists, Google Maps' navigation is also very good. The problem, then, is TSL's insistent and self-righteous algorithm. The TSL coders will have to wait until they land on Mars to solve the navigation problem, unless TSL buys the full set of any Chinese navigation software, not just maps. Chinese navigation software, which is already accurate down to the lane and within three or two minutes of arrival time, is so advanced that it is free for users. Don't refuse to recognise advancements, don't refuse to accept them.

FSD, the same price, different quality, in North America this function has been upgraded to N generations, China's is still in the same place. Licking the dog says it's not allowed by policy. (FSD is priced at 6.4W) HUD, 360 panoramic view, streaming rear view mirror ......, and other useful and popular features, sorry, TSL does not have. Voice interaction is retarded. the OTA is a neutered version for old leeks, and the older you get the more neutered you get. Old leeks are getting marginalized and abandoned. The car is very stuck, pulling the map, half a day not fully displayed. Internet access is even more laggy. The coders at TSL China seem to be keen on unused or impractical gadgets such as car games and small national languages, and seem uninterested in improving navigation and adding practical features such as 360 images.

There are many glitches and I can't remember how many snow cakes I've eaten at the service centre in the three years I've been there. A rough ride with a spartan interior. Although the entire interior is NAPA leather and tumbled leather, it can't hide the shabby, shabby design, shabby workmanship and short, skimpy rear seats. (The wind and tyre noise is so loud that you have to pull your throat out to talk at high speed. The appearance of various gaps is large, various misalignment is not aligned, all kinds of teeth grin, should be the main cause of wind noise, the sealing of the body gaps is really not as good as the domestic one to two hundred thousand cars. (The TSL seams are obviously much tighter, so kudos to the motherland for the craftsmanship) The eagle wing doors can only be fitted with 13, which is not practical at all. The low height of the basement can not be opened, the back row can not get on people, the roadside parking up and down people I am highly nervous, switch are afraid to touch people. Once I pulled the leader and touched his head, I had a heart attack. Seat ventilation, no. The rear wheels of the X have an untreatable problem, and the tyres have to be changed after 30,000 to 40,000 kilometres. (Licker says all luxury cars are like this.) The wiper is too loud, a persistent problem that cannot be cured. The car has passengers in the car on rainy days, which is embarrassing to the S. Except for the front camera, all other camera images are discoloured. It feels like a groundbreaking product. I don't know if it's the hardware or the software, but TSL never hears the cries of the owners, doesn't improve or enhance according to the needs of the users, doesn't pay attention to the user experience, and only cares about itself. It is arrogant, stubborn and conceited at the same time.
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