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Tesla how to adjust from 16A to 32A, Tesla 32A and 16A which hurt the battery?

by YuLily on Mar 10, 2023

Tesla car at home charging pile can support 7KW (32A) charging power, but many people find their charging pile only supports 16A charging current, so how exactly does Tesla adjust from 16A to 32A?

1. Car screen adjustment

Click on the "car" icon in the lower left corner of the Tesla center screen, select "charging" and find "charging current at this location", then adjust to the corresponding charging current according to your needs. charging current according to your needs.

2. Mobile phone adjustment

If you are using Tesla's third generation charging post, then the charging post can support the cell phone to adjust the current size, you only need to adjust it in the official Tesla APP. But it should be noted that the Tesla APP must be updated to version 4.1.1 or above.

3、Change charging pile

At present, Tesla's third generation charging post is 32A by default. If the owner installs a charging post other than the official Tesla charging post, then the charging post can be replaced to increase the charging current. The price of Tesla's third-generation charging pile is RMB 8,000, including 40 meters of wire, and if it exceeds 40 meters, the charge is RMB 70 per meter of wire.

4、Change the line of charging pile

Generally speaking, the charging power of the home charging pile has been adjusted at the time of installation, including the default power of the Tesla third-generation charging pile is 32A, if your charging pile does not meet this standard, then you can ask professionals to help change the line, but of course there are safety risks in this operation, so it is not recommended.

Tesla 32A and 16A which hurts the battery?

Theoretically Tesla 32A will hurt the battery more than 16A, although fast charging can save owners a lot of time and energy, but the faster the charging speed, the greater the damage to the battery will often be. After all, the current and voltage is also greater when the impact on the battery, so in the case of not particularly in a hurry, the choice of 16A charging may be better.

Of course, with the continuous development of automotive technology, such as Tesla trams are equipped with intelligent battery management system, the vehicle will adjust the best charging power according to the situation, for example, when Tesla is charging, once the detection of unexpected fluctuations, then the current will automatically reduce to improve the stability and safety of charging.

So we do not have to be too entangled in the process of using the vehicle, to know that the car is bought to use, how convenient how to use can be, the vehicle is not as fragile as we think.

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