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How to enable speed limit mode on Tesla Model Y

par YuLily sur Mar 14, 2023

Tesla Model Y Speed Limit Mode
Speed Limit mode limits acceleration and top speed so that the Model Y's top speed is between 50 and 90 mph (80 and 145km/h). This is a protected feature and must be disabled or enabled by entering the 4-digit PIN created when it was first enabled.
If the Model Y differs from the selected maximum speed by approximately 3 mph (5km/h), a buzzing sound will sound and the touchscreen will display a text message above the travel speed. In addition, the mobile app will send you a notification.

Tesla Model Y with speed limiting mode enabled:

1. Make sure the vehicle is shifted into Park.

2. Tap Control > Safety & Security > Speed Limit Mode on the touchscreen or in the mobile app.

3. Select the maximum speed limit you want to set.

4. Drag the slider to the on position.

5. Enter the 4-digit PIN used to disable or enable the speed limit mode.

If you forget the PIN, you can enter your Tesla account login credentials to disable the speed limit mode.
When speed limiting mode is enabled, the acceleration setting (Control > Drive > Acceleration) is automatically set to Comfort.
Driving downhill will increase the driving speed, causing the vehicle to exceed the selected maximum speed.
Speed Limit mode does not replace accurate driver judgment, driving training and requires the driver to pay extra attention to road speed limits and driving conditions. Accidents can occur at any driving speed.


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